About KWP

The Kearns Water Polo Club is for athletes 5-18 years old. The Club practices year-round. Most groups practice in the 50 Meter Pool and the Dive Pool (in the summer) at the Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center - 5624 S. Cougar Lane (4800 W.), Kearns, UT, 84118. The Splashball Group practices in the Indoor Comp Pool (Swimming Lesson Pool).

The year is broken up into four seasons - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Each Season is a little bit different. Spring is the "High School" Season in Utah, so we have regular games in the Utah HS Spring League.  While it's called "High School", it's not an official high school sanctioned sport which makes it possible for athletes younger than 9th grade to play.  We will often have 7th & 8th graders playing Junior Varsity, and we also have games during this league for 8th/under and 6th/under. Our Summer Season consists of practices three times per week, hosting our Summer Tournament at the end of June, and sending as many teams as possible to play at National J.O.'s in California.  In the summer we usually have about 150 athletes on the club. The Fall Season is a great time of year with games most Saturdays as part of the Kearns Fall Youth League that we run, which starts in the middle of August and ends in late October.  The league is for athletes in 2nd through 12th grade. Our athletes are divided up into many teams in each of the four divisions, using many volunteer coaches, and playing games every Saturday. During the Winter Season, we have three practice groups - 4th/under, 7th/under and 12th/under. Both groups practice three days per week. There are only about five other clubs that practice in the Winter so we play each team as much as possible and take our 14U and 12U teams to Cedar City for the Eggbeater Tournament Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend.

For Adults, we run our Summer Masters League where people sign up individually and teams are put together that play every Wednesday night. We usually have about 100 men on eight teams and about 50 women on four teams.

Kearns Water Polo Club is a USA Water Polo sanctioned club. All athletes must be registered with USA Water Polo. 

Water Polo in Kearns started in 1972, when Kearns High and three other schools (Cyprus, Granger, and Granite) started the Utah High School League. Kearns has participated in this high school season with a boys team every year since, and added a girls team in 1993.  Water polo at Kearns was pretty much limited to the high school season until 1998. That's when our outdoor pools were built and we began playing during the summer also, and eventually year-round. 

Kearns has won the Utah High School State Championships thirteen times for the boys (2001, 2005-2016) and thirteen times for the girls (2002, 2006-2012, 2014-2018).